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Jacket – J.Lindebergh / T-Shirt – ADYN / Jeans – Diesel /Shoes – Louboutin

By definition the word functional means practical and useful rather than attractive. However, some brands have managed to bridge the gap between fashion and function. Proving that clothing can in fact be practical and look good.

The jacket I chose in this case was by J.Lindebergh. Designed for people with an active lifestyle, the brand certainly lives up to its reputation. The Stockholm based brand are well known for their ability to combine fashion and function. This green leather biker jacket is both, and would take centre stage in anyones wardrobe. With its sleek streamlined body and exquisite finish, it’s lightweight but will also keep you warm and could be worn with anything from a shirt to a plain tee. In this case, I was wearing a long sleeve grey tee by ADYN.

Footwear is not always functional, as often shoes are designed for certain occasions and fashionable shoes are not usually very practical. But when when wondering what shoes to wear how could you go wrong with a brand new pair of Louboutins. Christian Louboutin prides himself on creating spectacular shoes of a high quality with their iconic red bottoms. Wear these to any social occasion and you will be sure to stand out. These derby shoes are a combination of both black leather and dark navy velvet and although they can be worn casually they would not be out of place when worn with a suit. The quality materials used to make these shoes would ensure that they stand the test of time when taken care of.

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