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Photo 1 & 3 – Victoria Peak / Photo 2 & 4 – Chi Lin Nunnery / Photo 5 & 6 – The Ten Thousand Buddhas / Photo 7 – The Tian Tan Buddha / Photo 8 – The Nan Lian Gardens

Half way across the world the scene was set, and it was destined to be one of my greatest trips to date. In ten days I managed to visit the top 10 major tourist attractions of Hong Kong. Including most of the amazing Monasteries and Temples there were to offer.

One of the first places on my list was the world renowned Victoria Peak, which boasted arguably the best view in Hong kong with a 360 degree panoramic view of the whole city. At 428 metres above sea level this was really a sight to behold, and an amazing experience.

Another place that really amazed me was the beautiful Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Gardens. Perfectly kept and so well preserved the Nunnery and gardens were really something special. Set in the heart of Kowloon it would be easy to miss, but if you are lucky enough to go and like a bit of culture it is well worth the visit and you won’t be disappointed.

My favourite place however was the Tian Tan Buddah, which is set on top of the mountains on Launtau Island in the village of Ngong Ping. It was a truly remarkable place. The cable car journey to the top gives you a stunning view spanning the countryside and smaller island surrounding Hong Kong’s main island, and as you get closer you soon notice the giant buddha set atop of the mountain. The giant buddha was obviously the main focal point but at the top there was also a beautiful red temple and giant arches. This place was truly awe inspiring and would certainly be somewhere I would be keen to revisit.

Overall I had an amazing trip and I’m already planning to return next year. If you like culture, amazing views and feasting on dim sum then Hong Kong is the place for you, and if not then there is always Disneyland.


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